Individual Online Training Courses

The “IRC Implant Mastery Program addresses:

  • Indications for Implants: “There are Other Choices”   
  • Introduction to Implants: "Why Implants Suceed; Why They Fail" 
  • Patient Selection: “How Not to Choose the Wrong Patient”
  • Treatment Planning: “Rules Not to Break” 
  • Surgery: “Atraumatic Implant Placement”
  • Impression Taking: “Garbage In, Garbage Out”
  • Dentate Restoration: “First Major Mistake Beginners Make”
  • Soft Tissue Over Dentures: “No Brainers”
  • Fixed Removable Protheses: “Raising the Bar”
  • Fixed Detachable Protheses: “Be Careful What You Wish For”
  • Bone Grafting: “Need More Bone?”
  • Bone Grafting Procedures: “Blood Heals All”
  • Ethical Marketing: “Be Careful What You Say”
  • Trouble Shooting: “Up to Your Ass in Alligators?”
  • In Office Management: “Cross the “T”s, Dot the “I”s”
  • Mini Implants: “Long, Skinny & Ugly”
  • Mining Your Practice: “Success is Closer Than You Think”
  • Immediate Loading: “Breaking All the Rules”