Course 3: Treatment Planning

taught by Dr. Harold Bergman

Course description

The objective of Course #3: Treatment Planning is to make you aware and learn the background, thought processes, and steps a clinician might follow to arrive at a scientifically and clinically based plan of treatment for a potential patient involving dental implants.

On successful completion of this course, you should be able to determine how many implants are required, where they can be placed, mechanical principles associated with implants and implant prostheses, how to determine which prosthesis should be used, and the fabrication of the radiological and surgical stents.

As well, the reader will be introduced to the terminology commonly used in implant dentistry plus answers to several of the most commonly asked questions by patients. On successful completion of this course, the reader will be in a better position to discuss implant dentistry with your patients from a grounded base of knowledge and you will understand the courses that follow in this series.

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Dr. Harold Bergman
Dr. Harold Bergman